Our mission

We are a small South Australian business producing all natural, plant based, hand blended deodorant and body products.

We are passionate about all things natural, protecting your health and the health of our environment is paramount.

 We use organic ingredients wherever possible and never use toxicants in our products.

 A vast majority of conventional products on the market contain carcinogenic ingredients, studies have recognised these ingredients as linked to endocrine disruption and many other serious  illnesses. These ingredients and their packaging cause harm to you and the world around you.

 Our aim is to provide effective alternatives that both nourish and soothe the body and are as sustainable as possible.

We care about you and the planet!

"The citrus deodorant is the best! Even in 35 degree heat and 80% humidity I didn't stink!! And after a long run too! Thanks!"

Angela Potter
Local customer

"Local Company, handmade products with locally sourced ingredients. I have used the deodorant and it is the best, highly recommended."

Carole Ainsworth
Local customer

"Beautifully presented products and awesome customer service."

Deb King
Local customer


Local pick up is available from Cotton on Broadway during shop opening hours 

Tuesday to Sat 11-4 . 

Alternative arrangements may be made by calling 

 Karina 0419  857 318


70 Broadway Glenelg South SA 5045